Open Your Empathic Toolbox (Beauty is inside and out)

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Open Your Empathic Toolbox.

Lucky Magazine August 2010

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Hello Blog world!

Time to review Lucky Magazine’s August 2010 issue! I received this issue in the mail about a week ago and couldn’t engage with the magazine right away. I wasn’t excited enough for some reason. Anywho, Lucky’s luckiest cover girl is Ali Larter, who isn’t a favorite actress of mine. I only say this because I don’t think I’d purchase the magazine on impulse just because Ali Larter was on the cover. However, looking at her photos like all the other magazine cover girls I review I always seem to develop an appreciation of her beauty, her contributions to the fashion world and in the media. I may say her beauty is impeccable! So clean and crisp and effortless, not overly ostentatious with makeup in vivid colors all over the place. No glitterati here.

I say this particularly because, I have noticed in the past Ali Larter’s beauty and the image she portrays has always been consistent in all her magazine covers and how she carries herself in the public eye in general. Here are the two pictures that were in the issue. Please take note of her simply clean effortless beauty.

Here, Miss Larter is photographed and is wearing very soft neutral colors, her lipstick with a touch of rose, sun kiss blush, sheer foundation, neutral eyeshadow and volumizing mascara. This look is definitely one of my favorite looks. The ‘minimalist’ look. Which is very flattering and gave her a glow. Any woman who wants to look younger needs to understand and master this makeup look. It never fails. Miss Larter is 34 years old and can easily pass for 28 years old because she is wearing softer colors. 

Next photo on the right, is Miss Larter in a crisp white button down shirt. This was the picture that made me love her so much as a fashion icon. A female who can exude so much simplicity and beauty in a classic button down shirt wins a spot in my fashion hall of fame.

Beauty Spy caught my attention. Beauty Spy is a page about New Products, Great Ideas, Easy Looks

The look they wanted to promote which won my stamp of approval is the bronzy neutrals look. In a nutshell is a put together soft shimmering bronzed look, that doesn’t look overly baked and overly shimmering. That look can easily look sloppy and can give someone the impression that they are trying too hard. So Peach/Bronze blush, Nude or Caramel Gloss, Copper lids, clean clump free mascara, and of course a summer essential matte powder. Wala!

Next part of the issue, that every girl should read is the I want her hair color! article. Featured in the article were tips, tricks, how to’s for each hair color category! Awesome right?

Briefly, there was the Sun-dappled brown MOST ENVIED HAIR COLOR

Next, the california blonde Dark & Glossy (my favorite)Most Challenging Color: Vibrant Red Lastly, Platinum Blonde (requires a lot of work)

Clothing trends I didn’t really have time to see if any trend was worth blogging. In essence, we are still trying to stay on budget so we are truly trying to recycle our last summers’ or last season’s purchases. New modern looks, with a few new accessories can really modernize your look anytime. Lucky magazine is a magazine about shopping and style. Unless you have a ton of money to invest in shopping then this magazine is for you. So enjoy your issue and thanks for subscribing.

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